Orlando Furioso is alien chamber-folk music. It is a septet project that attempts to reimagine existing and unrelated folk traditions in an estranged and otherworldly context, exploring the liminal space of stylistic contradiction. It is anachronistic and contrafactual, featuring harpsichord, saxophone, nylon acoustic guitar, cello, trumpet, double bass and assorted percussion. This unique instrumentation pulls in multiple directions, towards the worlds that the instruments belong to. The juxtaposition of these contexts suspends the listener in an uncanny, post-stylistic space. 

In science fiction, the concept of the alien emerges from warping familiar spaces, bodies, and languages. Within this distortion lies the puzzling experience of recognizing specific stylistic cues, despite the context they appear in. Folk musics are, for the people who make them, a known and traditional art form, usually referring to a mythical past; the notion of the alien, on the other hand, alludes to an equally mythical, imaginary, and foreign universe. Merging these two stories lets us wonder about the mysteries of extra terrestrial civilization. This is the music of the aliens.

Orlando Furioso is led by Vicente and features David Acevedo, David Leon, Andrew Boudreau, Alec Goldfarb, Daniel Hass, Simón Wilson. Their debut record will be released in 2022.